Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Young Volunteers of Japan

The Young Volunteers of Japan

Volunteering isn’t a large part of Japanese culture, and the young especially may be considered by some as lazy and “lost”. However, in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, young people have stepped up and taken the lead in rebuilding their country, changing views of their generation in the process.

Young people around Japan have traveled north to volunteer. In Tome, Miyagi, a northern Japanese city, a group of young college women from Tokyo helped by folding and distributing children’s clothing.

Young people in Japan started a non-profit group called Youth for 3.11. Their primary goal is to send college students and young adults to the Tohoku region of Japan to help with the relief efforts. They have had over 1,800 students register to volunteer.

Tohoku Rising is another new youth organization that has flourished due to the recent earthquakes and tsunamis. They have utilized social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to organize relief donations. In addition they have sent volunteers to the Tohoku region.

Not only are these young people helping by raising funds and distributing clothing, food and water, they are interacting with the residents of the affected areas. They are doing this in order to better suit the needs of those affected in the long run. Young people in Japan have made a point that they will be here beyond the immediate relief efforts.

These young people have gone against stereotypes and have proven that they will be a presence in years to come. Are you doing something to support Japan’s recovery efforts and other countries in crisis in the years to come? Let us know by commenting below!

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